Hand Made Cigar with Selected Premium Leafs LF

After three years of captivating work, Humidores Dominicanos SRL under its trade name Cigar Factory with the support and collaboration of General Cigar Dominicana, producer of the best premium tobacco from the Dominican Republic and the world, has managed to produce a series of blends with which we assure to satisfy the need of the most demanding consumers of so appreciated lifestyle. We describe it as the perfect balance between confection and flavor.

These blends have been achieved through the test of approximately 30 blends per blend; they come to fill the spaces of each smoker in which they seek smoked according to the time of day.

The first of these, called Esfinge, is a tobacco Connecticut coat whose main characteristic is a construction without failures and an aroma that perplexes any smoker. It comes to fill the spaces of time in which people want a light and soft cigar to the palate; our recommendation is for a smoke at mid-morning or near noon.

Our second blend, called Ramses, has very marked characteristics of flavor and complexity that merge perfectly with the Capa Habana and its attractive and characteristic color, adding a delicate construction; It has a character that is increasing its strength adorned with its rich fruity notes in the aroma, this cigar we recommend smoking after lunch or mid afternoon.

Finally, we present our mature blend coat called Tutankamon, in this we use Connecticut Broadleaf Madura type tobacco, which visually shows oily and delicate creating this cigar a combination of strong changes, aroma and flavor turning it into an exquisite piece of art.