They are just some of the few words that accompany our story; First, dreaming of creating a new concept of art in the world of tobacco. Second, with the passion impregnated by a group of entrepreneurs who have wanted to dedicate our efforts in order to transport all our consumers to a mystical world of flavors and aromas. And third, by supporting ourselves in a Lifestyle that we made our own, and we want to share with you, where you feel more than kings, Faraones.

This trip starts like all trips, with the excitement of discovering, the expectation of knowing, and with a sherpa, or guide that initiates us along the way.

In our case, the journey dates back more than a decade when a brother introduces the other into new ways of enjoying and experiencing life; and between celebration and celebration almost always concluded with a big cigar and a good drink, experiences that over time multiplied within our circle of friends.

And, between trial and trial, sharing impressions, we learned to appreciate the qualities and virtues of local tobacco, and as written in a Tarantino film, after several crosses, "the stars" were aligned in our efforts and Cigar Factory emerged by Humidores Dominicanos SRL, born of this fusion of ideas the Faraones Cigar line.


We formalized the idea, the company, the brand and began to experiment with the blends by the end of 2010, but we took our time to deliver the Pharaohs line that today reaches the market, and of which we are very proud of the scores that We receive in blind tastings that we make.

Cigars created with passion, understanding that this word is defined as a feeling or an intense emotion that encompasses enthusiasm or desire for something, is what drives us towards the development of a work of art both visual and aesthetic.

Why do we say that what we do is Art? Like music and painting, our cigars combine notes and tones to transport them to a unique and unrepeatable sensory experience.

In Cigar Factory we have selected the best sheets and we have taken a lot of time to deliver to our consumers in each of our cigars, a finished product of quality, designed to propose a new way of enjoying life ... more relaxed ... more according to the requirements of every good smoker.

For this reason, we want that through Cigar Factory and its products, our clients can perceive in every breath that "More than a Passion, it is a way of life".